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New Patient Reviews

Great Experience

Honestly, everyone from reception desk, Lisa, to Drs. Shreve and Ricketts were very pleasant and helpful. Really great medical experience. -Dorothy D.

Genuinely Cares

I learned some things I had never been told before and though I’m in awful shape I feel Dr. Shreve genuinely cares and wants to help me if he can. Everyone in office was very nice and made me feel like a person rather than just a number. -Elizabeth B.

Wholeness Approach

Appreciate being worked in, honesty of diagnosis and effort to work with my schedule in treatment. Looks like there will be a wholeness approach to correcting problem but also preventing future occurrences. -Penny M.

Exceptional Staff

The staff is exceptional and very easy to work with when it comes to scheduling. Everyone is very friendly and I immediately felt at ease. Dr. Shreveport explained everything in terms I could understand, and by having another acquaintance who has had considerable relief, I have high hopes for my own pain relief. -Rose R.

Thank You

Thank you so much, I feel like on my first visit I received more help than I have all year.I feel like Dr. Shreve is going to do his best to get to the bottom of my pain. God bless you and your caring heart! -Rhonda M.


All encounters with staff were excellent. Dr. Shreve adjusted perfect. There was no pain and left feeling great. Looking forward to long term relationship and to refer my patients with confidence. Thank you! -Janet D.

Professional And Knowledgeable

I’m a retired medical professional. I am familiar with medical terms and can say Dr. Shreve and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I came away with the hope of getting rid of many years of severe pain. I will be looking forward for the staff to accomplish this goal and I really believe it can be done. If I didn’t believe they could help me I wouldn’t return for treatment. – Bill R.

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