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Knoxville Chiropractor | Dr. David Shreve

Growing up, my dream was to play college football; this dream ended when a devastating post-play injury separated both of my shoulders. My life became centered around medical doctors as several surgeries were needed to repair the damage. Since high school was ending, I turned my thoughts towards finding a profession, and decided to become an orthopedic surgeon. I became very medically oriented, and worked in a hospital while pursuing my undergraduate degree at both U.T. and M.T.S.U., focusing on the basic sciences with the intention of going to medical school.

As time passed, I saw many people with debilitating back problems coming in for surgery. Ironically, the work of the orthopedic surgeons often did not help their condition. Then, my father, who had injured his back, went to see a chiropractor despite my insistence that he see a surgeon. I couldn’t believe how much better he got; not only did his back condition improve and stabilize, his chronic sinusitis improved as well. After this, I did some serious reflection as to my own career path and decided that what I really wanted to do was to help people; chiropractic seemed to be the best profession to accomplish this.

A Chiropractic Education

Upon completing my undergraduate work, I applied and was accepted at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. The four years of course work included biochemistry, anatomy and human physiology, X-ray, diagnosis, various chiropractic adjusting techniques, and patient care. Although I became proficient in many techniques, I chose to focus primarily on the Gonstead technique, attending many lectures by Dr. Gonstead himself. Finally, after showing my proficiency, I was accepted to intern with Dr. Larry Troxell. Following my graduation in 1978, I returned to Knoxville to establish my practice.

My passion as a doctor has been to educate my patients on their own conditions and health. I have numerous hours of continuing education related to nutrition and nutritional supplements. In addition to chiropractic, I have recently completed an additional degree in chiropractic acupuncture. I sincerely want my patients to understand how to truly be healthy; therefore, I frequently conduct lecture series which are open to the public, that are meant to inform and empower you to make the correct decisions about your health.

On a Personal Note…

I met my wife, Tracey, through chiropractic; together we have three children, Masen, Matthew, and Gracie. The children have all been adjusted throughout their lives, helping them to maintain excellent health with their active lifestyles. During their early years, we had to learn a great deal about dietary influences that had adverse effects on allergies and attention challenges, and since, have helped many parents address these issues as well.

It is important to me not to just preach good health habits to my patients, but try to practice them as well. Good health has many dimensions; it is important to nourish your body, challenge your mind, and rest yourself to increase your lifespan. Believe me, I know how hard it is to resist a good cookie (sometimes, I don’t). Currently, my health habits include working out, cardio, yoga, chi kung, breathing exercises, and meditation. As a family, we often hike and backpack, camp, or play tennis. The main portions of our meals are vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and sometimes fish. Most importantly, we strive to find a balance in our lives.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that what you have seen has been informative, but encourage you to contact me. If you have any questions please call my office or use the email the doctor button at the bottom of this page. I will do my best to help you find a way to improve your health. It is when we are healthy and balanced that our world comes into alignment.

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